Blueprint of happiness™

two months of intensive 1:1 MENTORInG

Are you ready to transfer your life? To take full responsibility of your future and overcome all the barriers that have been holding you back from achieving the life of your dreams?

Join the waiting list by submitting your application by 1 May 2022.

After this coaching package you’ll achieve your goals faster and easier because:

  • You have a clear picture of what you really want out of life
  • You have learned to set targets and goals that speak directly to your soul
  • You have learned to use techniques to
    • Understand your true worth
    • Love yourself unconditionally
    • Listen to your intuition

If you are ready to take action and make your dream life the reality, this coaching package is for you. Whether your goal is to live a healthier life, find your dream partner or catch your dream job, all you have to do is commit and say “YES!”.

Milla as a Coach

After suffering from almost crippling health problems caused by wrong kind of diet, chronicled stress, over-achieving and following a life path not meant for me, I decided that it’s time to do some changes. After years of self-development and hundreds of books and e-courses, I trained to become a licensed personal trainer and an NLP Practitioner, graduating in 2017.

In my day job I’m in charge of the happiness and wellbeing of around 40 IT-professionals. Simultaneously I have coached numerous individuals and companies towards a happier life.

I have been described as a very warm and professional coach. I am flexible to work with and promise to give you my full presence, making you feel valued and supported. I gently guide you, helping you see what patterns in your thinking might hinder you from achieving your goals.

With this package you’ll get:

  • 6 x 55 min coaching sessions with me
  • Written exercises to support your journey
  • Email support for two months
  • Available in English or in Finnish


I am only opening two spots for this summer as I want to give my full attention to my 1:1 clients. Please send your application by the 1st of May 2022. I will be in contact with all applicants by the 3rd of May 2022.

In your application answer to at least these three questions:

  1. Why are you applying to the Blueprint of Happiness™?
  2. What is the main challenge you are currently facing?
  3. What main goal would you set for yourself for this program?

If you have any questions about the Blueprint of Happiness™, send them to

Price: 998 € (or 512 € per month)

If you are not happy with the service, you will get your money back (make your complaint within 24 hours after your first coaching session).

Please note: coaching is NOT therapy. Please consult a doctor/psychologist if you have mental health problems.