Happiness coaching for organisations

Tailor-made coaching & training packages

Wouldn’t it be great to have happy and productive employees?

What if sick leaves weren’t a continuous problem?

How does better well-being and better profit sound?

I’m ready to help you lift your workplace happiness to the next level!

My trainings and workshops are suitable for organisations that want to upgrade their employees’ happiness and productivity. All workshops/training packages are always tailor-made for your needs, and I also offer 1:1 mentoring for HR professionals and managers.

I give your company concrete tools for happier working life and better work-life balance.

With my help organisations have, e.g.,:

  • Found new tools to boost employees’ well-being and happiness
  • Started applying the OKR model to make their strategy and vision more tangible
  • Learned new ways to lead oneself and others, even in a holacracy (no-managers) organisation
  • Improved their internal communication
  • Created mutually agreed practices and policies to improve employee well-being

“The training was very useful. I learned how to schedule my workdays.”

“The OKR model was an absolutely useful and necessary tool that has clearly been of concrete help for many of us already.”

“I found the training useful, it provided a concrete tool that the whole group can put into permanent use.”

“An important theme. Every workplace should address these issues.”

“Good value for money.”

Feedback from my clients

Examples of recent speeches and TRAININGS:

  • How to create a happy workplace? (1 h speech)
  • Lead yourself successfully (2 h training)
  • Hybrid communication: Challenges and advantages (2 h training)
  • Better wellbeing with OKR (2 h training)
  • Why are there so few women in technology industry? (1 h Keynote speech at RekryExpo)
  • Better results with better feedback (1 h training)
  • Agile organisational culture: From self-leadership to team-leadership (1 h speech)

when you buy from me, you’ll get:

  • A baseline survey (I want to know what’s really going on with your people)
  • Tailor-made coaching/training package to support the needs of your company
  • Available in English or in Finnish

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