I’m specialised in wellbeing and happiness at work – and in life in general. In coaching I use positive psychology and NLP to get the best results in every given situation.

Public speaking and training

Whenever it’s about wellness, happiness or leadership, I’m always ready to give an interactive lecture or training.

Examples of recent topics, workshops and speeches:

  • Why are there so few women in technology industry? (1 hour Keynote speech at RekryExpo)
  • Well-being at work (1 hour interactive lecture)
  • Feedback workshop (1 hour interactive training)
  • Agile organizational culture – from self-organizing to flock-organizing (1 hour interactive lecture)
  • My inner compass (2 hours workshop to find meaning in life)
  • Achieve your dreams (3 hours workshop to realise your dreams)
  • Lead yourself successfully (2 hours training)
  • Hybrid work and communication (2 hours training)

To know more, give me a call or message me. Or read more from references.

One-on-One Coaching

Eager to find your dream job?

Are you ready to move on with your career but don’t know how?

Would you like to experience more happiness in your life?

With this service I provide you with face-to-face coaching to help you find your true calling. Skype-meetings available as well.

On average people spend 1/3 of their lifetime at work and the vast majority is seemingly dissatisfied with their current jobs. For me this sounds disturbing and that is why I want to help people to find their true calling. I believe that everyone is able to turn their passion into job and create a career that motivates and inspires.

As a recruiter I’m used to scan through people’s CVs and job applications. Because of my profession I have a clear vision of how a good CV or application letter looks like and I know that with certain changes one can usually improve the application dramatically.

Whether it’s about getting your dream job or crystallising what it really is you would like to do in your life, I’m ready to help.