I’m specialised in wellbeing and happiness at work – and in life in general. In coaching I use positive psychology and NLP to get the best results in every given situation.

Whenever it’s about wellness, happiness or leadership, I’m always ready to give an interactive lecture or training.

All my services are available in English and Finnish.

WORKSHOPs and training

My trainings and workshops are suitable for:

  • Companies that want to upgrade their employees’ happiness and productivity
  • Small groups (e.g., bachelorette parties) that want to enjoy a meaningful activity

All workshops are always tailor-made for your needs.

Examples of recent topics, workshops and TRAININGS:

  • Feedback workshop (1 hour interactive training)
  • My inner compass (2 hours workshop to find meaning in life)
  • Achieve your dreams (3 hours workshop to realise your dreams)
  • Lead yourself successfully (2 hours training)
  • Hybrid work and communication (2 hours training)
  • Goal setting for the people and the company (2 hours training)

All training/workshop prices are based on the content, which is always tailor-made for your needs.

Examples of recent workshop pricings:

  • 2 hours training for a company 980 €
  • 2 hours workshop for a small group (max 10 persons) 445 €

To know more, give me a call or message me. Or read more from references.


Best presentation I’ve ever seen!

This was a comment I got after giving a speech at a public event in 2019.

Examples of recent speeches:

  • Why are there so few women in technology industry? (1 hour Keynote speech at RekryExpo)
  • Agile organizational culture: from self-leadership to team-leadership (1 hour interactive lecture)
  • Well-being at work (1 hour interactive lecture)

Looking for an inspiring speaker?

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One-on-one coaching

Read more about the available 1:1 coaching packages from:

The Blueprint of Happiness™

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